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19: The Desert Dislocation

April 14, 2018 → 31 minutes

Wisconsin. What's it good for, other than freezing cold, oppressive humidity, and pestilential clouds of mosquitos? Nothing, really. That's why Joe's contemplating making his boldest move yet — the move to Tucson.

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18: International Slideshow

October 10, 2017 → 109 minutes

It’s our final episode! If you want to be able to brag to your friends that you’ve listened to our whole series, though, you’re going to have to complete a special Vox Populi endurance test! Steel yourself for the soporific saga of Adam’s nine-month trek across the world, from the R.O.K. to the U.S. of A. You will not believe how long it can take one man to find himself.

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17: Absolutely Maddening

September 26, 2017 → 72 minutes

Adam and Joe wrap up their series of political discussions with this final installment - but they saved the thorniest issue for last. That’s right, Vox Populi: it’s the Abortion Episode.

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16: A Very Old Government

September 12, 2017 → 74 minutes

Adam and Joe discuss America's system of government. Is it a representative democracy or a republic? Should it be more democratic? Is the electoral college an outdated remnant or a misunderstood treasure? And what's good about parliamentary democracies anyway?

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15: A Living Document

August 29, 2017 → 38 minutes

Politics, Part the Fourth: Adam & Joe present their cases for how the Supreme Court should interpret law. Joe’s bit of a Supreme Court geek. Adam ain't. But that won’t stop him from challenging Joe anyway.

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14: How Wide To Set My Beam

August 15, 2017 → 84 minutes

Do mainstream Republicans share blame for the white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville? Your somewhat shaken hosts talk it over.

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13: To See People Prosper

August 01, 2017 → 83 minutes

The minimum wage: a necessary corrective in a world of greed or a well-intentioned but misguided killer of jobs? Adam and Joe clash over the best way to help.

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It’s Adam & Joe’s healthcare debate! Feel free to enjoy this episode without fear for its participants, Vox Populi: both of them have insurance.

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11: Topical Race

July 17, 2017 → 23 minutes

Joe & Adam tackle six of their most pressing concerns, and each other, in a Presidential debate-style preview of their upcoming political episodes.

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10: My Butt On That Throne

July 04, 2017 → 97 minutes

It’s the calm before the storm, as Adam and Joe set the stage for their coming debates by updating each other on their political views.

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