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17: Clancy and the Dragon

September 11, 2018 → 75 minutes

If you want the 411 on what happened at DragonCon this year, there's few people better to ask than Adam — 'cuz he manned the information desk this year! Start this week's podcast for his misadventures; stay for Joe's review of Jack Ryan, and some positive news about the third season of True Detective.

  1. Fire in the Hole
  2. True Detective, Season 3
    1. Mahershala Ali
  3. DragonCon Report
    1. Sociology of cons
    2. Erik Burnham
    3. Dirk Manning
    4. Gerhard
    5. Cerebus the Aardvark
    6. The Wish by Shelley Byers
  4. Nerding on Tom Clancy
    1. Jack Ryan Wikipedia page
    2. The Hunt for Red October, the book
    3. The Hunt for Red October, the movie
    1. Mary Sue / Gary Stu
    2. Slacktivist on Left Behind
    3. How Amazon measures the success of shows
  6. Joe's Excessive Show Notes

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