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16: A Very English Scandal

August 28, 2018 → 52 minutes

Will anyone besides N.K. Jemisin ever win another Hugo? Would Idris Elba make a good James Bond? And can the Vox Duo deliver an episode that’s under an hour? Adam and Joe dive into all the water-cooler conversation and come up with the answers you need. Plus: Joe makes sure you’re set for September with new TV and book recommendations!

  1. Entertainment News
    1. N. K. Jemisin wins for the third straight year. (The Broken Earth trilogy)
    2. BOND 25 News
      1. Danny Boyle is out
      2. Idris Elba's tweet
      3. Idris Elba says "no"
      4. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  2. Dangerous Women
    1. Gardner Dozois (Wikipedia)
    2. Goodreads review
  3. A Very English Scandal
    1. John Preston's true-crime, non-fiction novel
    2. Russell T. Davies

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