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The Golden Age

14: Shy Steve Ditko

July 30, 2018 → 96 minutes

Unless you're a comic book nerd, Steve Ditko may be the most influential comic book creator that you've never heard of. Adam & Joe talk about comics as an art form and Steve Ditko's most notable creations — Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. They also consider what The Question and Mr. A reveal about Steve Ditko's artistic style and the role of alienation in art.

  1. Show Intro
  2. Comic News
    1. Jessica Jones, Season 2
    2. Locke & Key to Netflix
    3. Y: The Last Man to FX
    4. DC Universe
  3. Remembering Steve Ditko
    1. In Search of Steve Ditko, BBC Documentary
  4. A Story Telling Medium
  5. How Comics Are Made
  6. Ditko's Art
    1. Spider-Man
    2. Doctor Strange
    3. The Question & Mr. A
  7. Steve Ditko: Alienation
  8. Who Created Spider-Man?
  9. Wrapping Up
  10. Coming Up Next Week…
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  12. Dead But Read?

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