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The Golden Age

11: Cultural Exchange

June 12, 2018 → 78 minutes

For years, Joe has been telling Adam that he should watch The West Wing. And, lately, Adam has been telling Joe that The Wire would be just the thing. It went from suggestion to reality, as they participated in their first cultural exchange program, each watching the other's beloved show.

  1. Barefoot Wine
  2. Intro Announcer
  3. Cultural Exchange Series
  4. West Wing — The Best of 1999
  5. West Wing — Moments and Impressions
  6. West Wing — What's It About?
  7. West Wing — Expert Help and Political Parallels
  8. West Wing — What Adam Didn't Buy
  9. West Wing — What To Watch For
  10. The Wire — Are You Not Entertained?
  11. The Wire – What's It About?
  12. The Wire — Characters
  13. The Wire — Structure
  14. Wrapping Up
  15. If You Liked This Show…
  16. Aftershow

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