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The Golden Age

10: SOLO

June 01, 2018 → 84 minutes

Solo: A Star Wars Story debuted to mixed reviews and a box office that was much lower than expected — so naturally, Joe & Adam think it’s one of the best new Star Wars movies! This week they talk about why they liked it, and why everyone else didn't.

  1. Templeton Rye
  2. The Golden Age: SOLO!
  3. What Made You Smile The Biggest?
  4. Fumbling Han's Character Arc
  5. The Characters & Acting
  6. Is There A Star Wars Cinematic Universe?
  7. Callbacks
  8. Meaningful Moments
  9. Star Wars Timeline
    1. Sources
      1. Star Wars Timeline: When Is SOLO Set & How Old Is Han?
      2. Forum:Anakin's age
    2. Year 0: Phantom Menace (Anakin is 9; Han Solo is born), Darth Maul “dies”
    3. Year 11: Attack of the Clones (Anakin is 20; Stormtroopers are created; Han is 11)
    4. Year 14: Revenge of the Sith (Anakin is 23; Luke & Leia are born; Han is 14)
    5. Year 20–23: Solo (Anakin is 29–32, Han is 19–22)
    6. Year 33: A New Hope (Anakin is 42; Luke & Leia are 19; Han is 32)
  10. What's The Deal With ?
    1. ‘Solo’: What a ‘Character Too Secret to Ever Name’ Means for the ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff
  11. Popular Reception
    1. ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Looks to Edge Past $100 Million For Holiday Weekend
    2. ‘Star Wars’ Writer Confirms Donald Glover’s Character Is Pansexual In ‘Solo’
  12. A Well Done Prequel
  13. What's Next?
  14. Joe's Literary Awakening

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